Tuesday, October 04, 2011

The greatest Lutheran bar band ever - The Jayhawks "Mockingbird Time"

So says theology & culture website Mockingbird about the wonderful Jayhawks. Or what about "jangly God-haunted Midwestern country-folk with fuzz guitars and harmonies that redefine the words “sandpaper-and-honey.” Mockingbird Time is The Jayhawks' new album. I remember around 1993 driving a carload of friends to Dublin one night to see them play, and I think we drove straight back home again after the show was over, getting back to Belfast as the sun was rising around 5am. Back then it was a hairy enough trip... Not many men can get away with wearing a cardigan over a checked waistcoat, but Mark Olson does. The vocal harmonies of Olson and Gary Louris can be beautiful - imperfect perfection.

One new video below of Mark Olson and Gary Louris playing live and simple for RollingStone.com, posted there just yesterday with five other clips and a short interview. Enjoy.