Monday, December 13, 2010

"Turas - a story of strangers in a strange land"

A former client of mine who quickly became a friend, Colin Neill, has written his first novel. I designed the cover for it and I expect that, given its subject matter, the book will attract a lot of interest. Already available for pre-order here on

From the back cover: "How do you live when that which is most precious is taken away from you? How do you respond when foundational aspects of your faith and your identity are knocked down and shaken to their core? What do you do when nothing is certain any more?

It is 2020 and Ireland has been united. During this year of striking change, a group of men meet together in a church cell group to wrestle with uncertainty through the filters of their faith and God’s word. Mingled with profound transition all around them are tales of friendship, tales of love, and tales of coming to terms with what the past has meant.

This is a story of seven Christians and their spiritual journey together into the unknown. It is also a response to living in an often religious but always divided society, which asks a series of challenging questions, and offers direction as to where answers may be found."