Monday, October 18, 2010

Jardine's Book of Martyrs

A few years ago I enjoyed a long lunch in Edinburgh with three young academics, all of whom are deeply knowledgeable about the 17th century, Presbyterianism, the Covenanters and the life and times of the common people of that era. One of them, Dr Mark Jardine, had just completed further studies into the Covenanters' "United Societies", and was also advising BBC Scotland on their television series Scotland's History which was presented by Neil Oliver. Mark recently began to blog in astonishing detail about many of his researches, which you can read here at Jardine's Book of Martyrs. Mark was also involved in the excellent BBC Radio Scotland programme about Alexander Peden which was presented by Richard Holloway (Chair of the Scottish Arts Council) and broadcast in November 2009. Work of this calibre, which informs the output the broadcast media, is badly needed on this side of the water.