Friday, November 06, 2009

Feedback from the Radio Ulster / Ulster Museum interview

Thanks to all of you who have contacted me today about the short piece on the radio broadcast this morning about the lack of Ulster Scots historical content in the new Ulster Museum. I've had emails, phone calls and at an event this evening 7 people came to talk to me about it - three of whom were strangers but recognised me. It is interesting that you're all "normal people" (ie sensible middle-of-the-road folk who can't be glibly dismissed as Ulster Scots "activists" or "lobbyists") and you feel as disappointed as I do that your story has been left out. All of us thought that Northern Ireland had moved on from the old broken "two tribes" past. Sadly it seems that the heritage sector is lagging far behind the people!

NOTE - Remember that "A History of Scotland" begins again on Sunday evening on BBC Scotland. For Northern Ireland viewers it's on the Sky digital channels away around 971. This Sunday night is "God's Chosen People" - the Covenanters!


Colin Maxwell said...

Keep at it Mark! I dinnae comment here that aften but I visit your site regularly.

I've revived & revised my goodnightsafehome site since I last wrote to you. I'm using it as a feeder site for the website: Not much Ulster Scots on goodnightsafehome now, if any, but some now & again on Twitter:

Hope that doesn't look like an advertising job (would be a bit ironic!) but genuinely wanted to encourage you.

Fair fa' ye oul haun!

Ulsterscot said...

The most disppointing aspect of the piece Radio Ulster ran was the pompous and trite commentary by Jonathan Bardon.

Surely he should have been encouraged to leave his prejudice at home? Or perhaps he should have buried it for a few years in a ditch outside Dungiven, to see if that might improve it!