Saturday, July 18, 2009

How much of a Calvinist are you?

In the 500th anniversary of the great man's birth, there's no better time to assess your own position! Take this 25 question online test and it'll tell you. Each question has two possible answers - one right and one wrong. There is no middle ground!

I got 69%:

It told me "You have some Calvinistic features. In some respects, your life is that of a Calvinist, just a little softened on the edges. Working hard is fine with you, but your attitude towards others isn't necessarily radically black-and-white. You live your life in a temperate and moderate way..."!


Colin Maxwell said...

I got 61% but I thought some o' the early questions & reasons behind them were a bit dodgey.

From 39% Arminianism, may the good Lord deliver me!


Fair fa' ye