Thursday, November 01, 2007

Raising Sand

Back in my heavy metal youth, I never liked Led Zeppelin much. They were for the generation before me - I was a Guns N Roses "Appetite" 1987 metal fan, with a bit of "Master of Puppets" Metallica thrown in too. (That admission might shock some of you!)

And in later life as I progressed into bluegrass, the acclaimed Grammy winner Alison Krauss never really did it for me either. I could certainly appreciate her talent and musicianship, but I like my old-time music to be rawer and simpler than the Krauss polished stuff. Each to their own - it's all down to individual taste I s'pose.

So it was a surprise this morning to see Robert Plant and Alison Krauss on BBC Breakfast Time TV, promoting their new joint album "Raising Sand". You can listen to it all online at their website here. Just click on the "Listen to Album" button at the top. It's pretty good stuff... the harmonies are great... or maybe I'm just getting mellower in my old age.

(In particular, check out track 13 - "Your Long Journey" . Graeme found this song a few months ago on the cd "The Watson Family" and he's been telling everybody who'll listen to him about how great it is! The review says it's "...spine-shivering music of unparalleled authenticity and sincerity...")


Stephen Jamison said...

Hey Mark
Your getting a dab hand at putting music on your blog. How do u do it?