Saturday, September 08, 2007

"The Protestant Revolution - BBC4"

This is a new 4 part series on the digital channel BBC4.

The four programmes are:
- The Politics Of Belief
- The Godly Family
- A Reformation Of The Mind
- No Rest For The Wicked

Worth watching. The presenter, Tristram Hunt, recently gave a lecture to the great and the good in Belfast City Hall entitled "Belfast - a Global City", encouraging the "new Belfast" to look back to its Victorian vision as a city of truly global significance.

More info on the series here.


Anonymous said...

It is a brilliant series but has a significant flaw in that protestantism created modern art, literature and science. It did not. It was one of the major step in removing the shackles of the Catholic Church.

As we can see today, Luther's heritage is the denial of evolution. Luther wanted to be free of the church but he did not want science to be free.

PROGRAMME 3 omits the liberalization of music from Church and thereby omits the words of John Lennon - Imagine. Any surprise that protestant America was in uproar that Lennon said the Beatles were better known that Christ, wanted to throw his voice out of America and failing that it was the country in which Lennon was assassinated.