Sunday, July 22, 2007

Free LCB T Shirt Offer

If you've seen our Washington photo gallery on Flickr, you'll see that we had t-shirts made for the trip - one blue, one cream. Polo shirt style, with on the front, on the sleeve, and Psalm 23 in both English and Scots on the back. We got 5 of each made up to keep us going.

But there's no way I need 10 tshirts, so... I'm going to give 6 of mine away free of charge - on a first come first served basis, three blue and three cream. And yes, they are XL and they have been washed since we came home!

Just email me your postal address to


Colin Maxwell said...

Thon is a nice offer, Mark an' so I've sent ye an email. We were doon in Ballywalter fir a week recently. We saw the Virginia advert on a BT Telephone Box. I sure wud love to see VA! The Ulster Virginia website is very guid tae.

Fair fae' ye!