Sunday, June 17, 2007

Washington here we come...(gulp)

We fly out on Monday 25th June. Just got our performance schedule through.

21 one hour performances in 10 days, plus I have 3 public panel discussions to take part in, plus a number of other important meetings forbye. An fowk in Bangor cannae unnerstan us maist o the time - I dinnae know whit the yins in America'll mak o' us.

This is going to be hard hard work... prayer would be greatly appreciated.


Colin Maxwell said...

Green wi' envy :-(

P/s Need any yin tae carry yer bags? I cud get some yin tae preach here in my absence

Fair fa' ye

Mark said...

A jist hope there's gospel singers fae Virginia there forbye, it'll mebbe tak a wee bit o the pressure aff us!