Thursday, March 15, 2007

"SOBAH" Volume 2?

Looks like it'll be the autumn before we get this one out; probably not a bad thing as we have some big ideas for it and it'll be better if we take a bit of time to get it right. Sorry if you've been hoping for (what we also hoped would be) a Spring release. We hope it'll be worth the wait.

Draft track list:

1 Are You Washed in the Blood of the Lamb (Lament)
2 Sin’s Dark Valley
3 Portavogie Boys (instrumental)
4 Portavogie (instrumental)
5 How About You? (Thomas Dorsey)
6 House of Gold (Hank Williams)

7 Some Say the Divil’s Deid (traditional chorus)
8 Jesus loves the wee wee weans like me (traditional chorus)
9 I love the Gospel rock n roll (traditional chorus)

10 The Lord’s My Shepherd
11 Sweet Rivers (Big Smith)
12 Hard Trials Will Soon Be Over
13 Ye’re A’ Welcome Hame

14 The Drunkards Raggit Wean
15 Wreck on the Highway (Roy Acuff)
16 Jim and Me (Songs of Might version)
17 Down in the Dumps I’ll never go (traditional chorus)

18 Shield of Faith
19 I Hae Gien Masel Tae Jesus
20 Drifting Too Far From The Shore / Haven of Rest
21 Instead of Me (tune: Londonderry Air)
22 Get Thee Behind Me Satan


Colin Maxwell said...

Twenty twa sangs - looks like value fir money. Guid idea to get it richt first. Nae regrets efterwards.

BTW, I've a date doon in the diary fir Carrowdore Hall: Thursday 5th April. Lookin' forrit tae it.

Oor fowk were quite excited aboot the radio openin'. I'll need tae work on a wheen o' messages, nearer the time.