Friday, August 11, 2006

Back Soon!

The blog's really taken a back seat for the last while - far too much to do but all of it good stuff. Played at the Fraserburgh Gospel Music Convention in Scotland back in April, and were back across in July for the Moniaive Gala Weekend Festival. Wonderful experiences! The Low Country Boys hit our usual 50+ performances during 2005 and look like doing easily that again by the end of 2006. To be honest it's hard, gruelling work, but we've had so much encouragement from people we've met along the way that we're going to keep going for as long as we can.

So we're currently in the studio starting work on our second CD, which may well be a double CD, provisionally titled "Sangs o Bairns an Hame (an a Wheen Aboot Drink Forbye)". The first one "Gran Time Comin" has shifted 3000 copies in under 18 months - tone deafness is sweeping the nation!

We're aiming to record 35 tracks, from which we'll choose maybe 26 to go on the double CD and then post the leftovers as free MP3s at - all live dates are listed here too but we're fully booked till March 2007. Graeme's wife Judith is due to have their second child in mid January, so our bookings in early 2007 will be limited.

So this blog is just a short update to give you all some idea of what we're at. Look forward to hearing from you all soon.

(Meanwhile make sure you check out what Colin Maxwell is up to, and even Dr Crawford Gribben gave us a mention last month.)


Colin Maxwell said...

Welcome back tae the land o' the blog. Mind - it disnae need tae be much, juist enucht tae keep us a' up tae date.

Did ye hear Dunseath's joke on "Talkback" a wheen o' days ago?

Twa ducks were flyin' ower Ballymena. The first said, "Quack, quack" The second said: "I'm goin' as quack as I can." :-)

Keep her lit.