Monday, November 08, 2010

Ballyhalbert floods - "Floodin' fae the 'Burn?"

Woke up this morning to the sound of activity on the road outside, and opened the curtains to see a sea of water just along a bit, completely blocking the road. My best guess at the moment is that the bright spark who designed the alterations to the centuries-old bridge and lade at the Burn (Clyde's Burn or just plain old Clydesburn), as part of the new multi-bazillion-pound underground water treatment works, might be rethinking that idea today.

No harm done for us - the floor of our shed will dry out, but spare a thought for the folk whose well-known shoreside holiday house, the "Cutty Sark", looks to be about a foot deep in water with rivers pouring through its gate and under the concrete bank they use normally as a tidal defence. I'm sure they never expected the water would come at them from the landward direction.Click to enlarge:

This pic below shows the opening of the old lade which runs under the Shore Road (which, due to the recent alterations, has hardly a trickle coming through it) but with the water building up on the road itself - a section of the old bridge wall has collapsed under the pressure, and there's rainwater gushing over the roadside and in every other possible direction. Madness! Click to enlarge: